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    Data Package Checklist

    Data Elements

    • Inner and outer layer data (all copper layers)
    • Soldermask layers
    • Legend layers
    • Aperture list if apertures are not embedded in the Gerber data (RS-274X)
    • Drill file with tool codes and X-Y coordinates of all holes in either ASCII or EIA format
    • IPC 356 netlist or mentor graphics neutral file
    • A readme file that contains an engineering contact and any special instructions

    Blue Print Elements

    • Drawing in Gerber, HPGL, PDF, DXF format, or hardcopy
    • Board outline dimensions including cutouts, chamfers, radii, bevels, scores, etc.
    • Dimension from a reference hole in the board to a corner or to two sides of the board outline
    • A hole chart with the hole symbols on the drawing and the finished hole sizes
    • Material requirements
    • Finished board thickness and tolerance
    • Layer stack-up order
    • Controlled impedance requirements (if applicable)
    • Dimensioned array drawing if the design is to be shipped as a multiple -up array
    • Notes defining any other requirements or specifications pertinent to the design

    Readme File

    • Engineering contact (email and phone)
    • Purchasing contact (email and phone)
    • Quantity desired (if submitted for quotation)
    • Turn-time in days (if submitted for quotation)


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